The Six Figures Crew - Tim Gatto, Aaron Cherny, Eddie Gilbert, Tyson Caly, Brett Smith, and Rande Feldman with the first case of Six Figures 2019 Red Field Blend
Tim Gatto, Aaron Cherny, Eddie Gilbert, Tyson Caly, Brett Smith, and Rande Feldman

Six Figures is an idea born from friendship, the desire to make great wine, to have fun, take risks and to push boundaries. The six of us come from various aspects of the wine business and tech world, all bringing a unique set of skills to the table. Over the course of several backyard conversations and bottles, the idea of making a wine and bringing our expertise to a collaborative project sounded like a challenge we were all excited to take on.

We’re proud to source our fruit from some of Sonoma Valley’s most historical sites. Sangiacomo Vineyard, Kimberly Vineyard, Benguerel Vineyard, Canihan Vineyard and Bedrock Vineyard bring their unique personalities to this wine, highlighting various traits of this esteemed appellation through the different soil types, expositions and grapes themselves. We share these vineyards with some of California’s most respected wineries, and in planting our flag in the appellation that gave birth to the California wine industry, we are looking forward to being one of the many to help champion it into the future.

We aim to make serious wines, but we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. Because in the end, great wine should be something that’s easy to understand and accessible for all. It doesn’t have to be expensive or exclusive... It only needs to have a story, soul and heart, which are the cornerstones of this project.

FALL 2023

Looking back, we can't help but smile and reflect on what an amazing journey this has been. We asked you to come along for the ride, and you graciously accepted. And now we find ourselves in the final chapter of this liquid story, and are honored to have the chance to share it with you. Bittersweet for sure, we present to you the last wine ever from this group of six friends who simply wanted to make wine, write haiku, and have fun.

Our final chapter
The prickly pear fades to black
We bid you goodnight